Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brand spankin' new things

First off, a piece of utter minutia: I got two hits today from people Google-ing "proud to be a bitch." What is that even about?

I've added a section on the right-side of the blog that will list shows I'm exhibiting at. If you want to pick up one of my comics or just say "hi," please come! For now they're all in the DC area, but I'm planing on going to PIX in Pittsburgh again if they have it again this year (which I hope they will; it was an awesome show!). If you'd rather just buy some of my comics, though, you can always do so on my etsy site. And I sure wouldn't mind that at all. I also got rid of the fish on the header--as they didn't really have much to do with what I'm working on--and am trying to figure out what to put there now. Any suggestions?

My to-do list has gotten a lot of tick marks recently, which is very much appreciated. The list is of things to have done by SPX, or, the beginning of September:
  • Suggestion Box 7 drawn
  • Suggestion Box 8 script done
  • Gay Kid 3
Typical, the biggest/scariest project is saved for last.

Matthew sent over the finished pages for Suggestion Box 6 (this is one that I wrote and he drew), which looks great! I'm pretty excited for it and to see how the next anthology shapes out! Here's a sneak peak:

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  1. nice and cute one! cool! your graphic designs is one of the unique design, fascinating.. i am also fond of cartoon designs as well as handwritten font types..


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