Saturday, July 9, 2011

All in a day's work

I planned on spending the whole day today working on getting the final draft of Gay Kid 3 started, but unfortunately realized after already running an errand in the direction of the art store, that I had only one page of Bristol board left (which is what a do all my comics on). DUMB. So instead I penciled the first page (I also lost my Precise V7 pen, which is my favorite for inking. Today's just not coming up Katie), and then ran off the issues of Suggestion Box #6 at Kinko's. Tomorrow I hope to start doing Gay Kid 3 in earnest, the goal being to have it done by August 1, or at the absolute latest, Sept 1 so that it can premiere at SPX.

Although I wasn't as productive today as I had hoped, getting those copies done and getting this blog post up are making me feel  lot better about loosing all my art supplies, either to usage, or to idiocy. And here's some visual proof that I accomplished something:

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