Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Pride!

I know it can be kind of backwards and sellout-y, but I do love Gay Pride month, and all it entails. Everything's got so many damn rainbows on it, there's a lot of greased up boys trotting around town on roller skates (ok, maybe just during the parade) and it seems like every night is ladies night somewhere.

This weekend was pride in DC, and I had a super time. I went to a party, a brunch, and a parade and it was all FABULOUS. The only part that was a bit upsetting was that the blog I cartoon for didn't do anything special for it. I get it, I get it, you're "over the rainbow" or whatever, but Pride is so much fun! And if we need to have a more cynical reason, the parade is a great way to just get your name out there. There's a lot of gay-ass eyes looking at those floats. Also, I wanted to march in the parade, so there.

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