Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sketches from PIX

I had a super time at PIX two weekends ago! I (for the first time ever) sold back the cost of the table, and then actually MADE. MONEY. It may be in part due to the fact that the table cost only $25, but I'm still feeling pretty good about myself.

Since I was at the show by myself, I had a lot of time to work on my comics. So of course I didn't; I just doodled the whole time.

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  1. It was so cool to meet you at PIX, Katie. I found "Mildly Irrateing" eerily similar to my day-to-day frustrations, especially when it comes to lift my legs straight in the air. Super flexible yoga instructors can kiss my grits!

    And because studies show that people who engage in so-called "mindless" behavior can actually their sharpen memory recall and improve their mental clarity, keep on doodling!


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