Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now that I have a free moment, let's find something else to do that's not drawing!

This spring was really busy for me, and now I have finally gotten a chance to sit down and do some serious drawing. JUST KIDDING! I've gotten a chance to sit down and slack off. The next con I'm going to is the DC Zinefest, which is July 30 (come see me!). Plenty of time, right?

Yes, unless you are a clinical procrastinator. Before July 30, I want to get a number of things done:

  • Suggestion Box 6: drawn
  • Suggestion Box 8: drawn
  • Gay Kid 3: written and drawn
Guess how much I have done?

Well, more than zero, so that's really impressive. I've started work on Suggestion Box 6 (again written by the ever super Matthew Smith), which is another great story on the perks and peril of working a retail job. Just to sate your comics-tooth, here are the first two pages.

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