Saturday, January 15, 2011

This week in the New Gay

So, after all the soul searching after the series in The New Gay I talked about from last week, I tried to go in a totally different direction and do something a lot more timely and a little political, but not so much so that it's really that edgy. Here's the comic (and here's the original post):
The single comment I got on last week's OB was that it's not funny and hard to read. Well, I can't do much about it not being funny, but I can try to make it easier to read. This week I worked more on getting the letters bigger and clearer. Also, the current reference seemed to get pretty good feedback; so far I've gotten one comment and it's been good. I also like how this one looks with the coloring: I did the greys with an orange marker and just scanned it as b&w, and then edited it with the spray paint feature on paint (you know, no big deal, but sometimes I use paint) to get the colors more solid in the first panel on the bottom row, and also to make the hatch marks on the target clearer.

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  1. hi Katie! this is jeannie -- cassie's roommate??? this is brilliant. I give you two thumbs up!


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