Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh man it's been a while

Wow. It has been far too long since I have posted here. Let me start with the most recent drawing I've done and work my way back from there.

I got a new job!!! I finally have left the life of barely managing. I was cobbling together hours from two part-time jobs (one as a museum guard, one as a visitor service rep. at another museum), never going out to eat and pre-gaming before going to bars because I was so poor. I am now working for the League of American Bicyclists (check them out at here) in the Membership and Events department. One of my responsibilities is to work on a quarterly publication we distribute to member club leaders. The illustration above was for this publication; May is National Bike Month, and May 21 is Bike to Work Day, so we needed a pic of a city-smart bicyclist.

In other news, I moved houses (again) from a kind of old, stuffy neighborhood in DC to a more hip and young one. Also, the new house is $300 a month less, which is DEF an improvement, especially when coupled with a regular income, and is with one of my best friends.

Also, my dad got married two weekends ago. So things have been really busy here, and there hasn't been too much time to draw. It's really hard for me to get myself going when I have no routine, spend most of my days by myself, and therefore get lonely and depressed. Being mad is always a great inspiration to me to get drawing, but being sad is like the WORST writer's block ever.

So, long story short, there will be more drawing to come. I am working on contributing a weekly strip to a gay blog (big surprise), and will post a link here once that gets up and running.


  1. This bicycle is excellent.

  2. Met you at SPX and just wanted to say that I love your work. You captured kids' imaginations and that disillusionment we experience as we grow up so well! I read "City Kids" in "Candy or Medicine" and loved it before I even realized it was yours (and I already knew I liked your work from "Mildly Irritating" and "The Gay Kid." Keep making your awesome comics, please!

  3. Thanks so much for the feedback! Melaina; I LOVED LOVED LOVED your comics! Do you have a site I should be visiting for some updates (It's possible that your URL is in one of your books; I'm at work right now so I don't have them in front of me!)? I love how simple your drawings are and I feel like it adds a lot to your story telling to not have excessive details getting in the way.

  4. Very cute drawing--this should be a t-shirt!


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