Monday, May 17, 2010

Comic strip in The New Gay

It looks like I'm sending everyone away from this blog once they get here, but here's a link that definitely needs to be included here. I have a new weekly in The New Gay, a blog that was started by my friend Zach who lives in DC. Though it started in the District, it now has pages for cities across the country and covers a spectrum of gay/queer/trans/etc issues. It leans towards hipster (or at least 20-something) gay, which--oddly enough--works for me.

The strip is called "Office bitch" and focuses on Sarah, a character who has been my old stand-by since college. Whenever I've needed a character to just throw into a situation, she's been the go-to. She's 20-something and works an entry-level job at an office. Since "the new gay" has the tag line "for everyone over the rainbow," I'm going to focus most of the strip on things outside of the typical gay experience, not just making it a comic strip where girls hook up (though some have said that this may be a good turn to take), but more about the shitty little things that happen in an admin assistant job.

Oh, what the heck. Here's the first strip:

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