Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How is this even possible.

So remember how I posted on how much I love the snow? Well, I think our love affair may be coming to an end. It is still snowing. There is about 30 in. on the ground. Now, if this were the midwest or something, this would not be this bad. Partly, because people have snow tires -- and cars to put them on -- and have mad snow plows to dig everyone out, and grocery stores that are not shocked by the snow. In a city that on average gets no more than 10 in of snow a winter, this really is something else.  The metro has shut down service at all above-ground stations. The buses have stopped running. I have not seen milk at a grocery store since Friday.

Here are some pictures that my friend Cassie took of the snow.


You have the green light....TO SNOW FOR FUCKING EVER.

This is a tree in front of my house. With a cross country skier under it. Now you're probably thinking "ohmigod is there a car under that tree? Boy, I hope not. That would suck." Well, there is a car under that. And it is my roommate's car. What a horrible thing to have happen. The tree fell down five days ago. It is still across the road. It is still on top of her car.

So yeah, long story short, I am getting over this snow.


  1. so, were you drunk the other night when I texted you?

    (for some reason "DRUNK ON SNOW!!!" just yelled itself in my head)

  2. Katie Omberg!

    I can't find your email but I wanted to share this with you, per our discussion of bros.

    Send me your email. Mine is hillary dot eason at gmail dot com.


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