Tuesday, March 29, 2011

random drawing

I did this at SPACE, about the different customers who pick up and buy "Gay Kid."

Monday, March 21, 2011

SPACE recap

Hey everyone!

So SPACE went pretty well, albeit a bit slow. I made back the cost of my table, and met some awesome people! I picked up a few really cool comics:

  • Siamese Grandson by Daniel McCloskey, a collection of shorts, ranging from funny to disturbing and have really interesting lines in them
  • Yonder by Jeremy Massie, which has great short stories based in his native Appalachia  (I met Jeremy through Matthew Smith, who does the Adventurers of Liberty City and works with me on Suggestion Box)
  • Herk by O'Ryan, who I can't find a site for! All I know is that he lives in Pittsburgh and has a great smile.
  • The Book on Me written by Todd Goodman and illustrated by Briana Higgins. Todd was a great next door neighbor at the con (much more conversational than the pillar on my other side :)) and wrote this fast-paced story line
  • Mean Goat Comics by Kris Lachowski, which are hilarious!
  • two cartoons and a t-shirt about coelacanths by Pam Bliss, which are always appreciated!

Gay Kid #2 got a REALLY great reception; it was the top seller of the show! I'm glad that people seemed to like it so much, since this project is so personal and has taken a lot of work. The storyline for this one was easier for me to write--it is an overview of my childhood life through dress--and the drawings turned out pretty well. I'm especially pleased with the cover, especially since covers and I have a difficult relationship. I have a hard time navigating them: how do I make it interesting? eye catching? flashy? not busy?. This one really does what I wanted it to: it tells you what it is, who did it, and gives your eye plenty of interesting space to rest in.

Ok, enough talking! Here is the cover, plus an interior page that gives you the jist of the book:

PS: the illustration on the cover is from a picture of myself and my sister Liz on a first day of school. I am feeling pretty good about by green suede vest/dragon necklace/moccasins. And I would have been a child hipster, except none of this is worn with irony:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gearing up for SPACE!

The past few weeks have been crazy: we have a huge conference happening at work next week (800 attendees, we host). The week after that, is SPACE! I have been able to check off most  of my "new comics to-do list" for it:
  • Mini for candy or medicine vol. 12 (here)
  • Entry for the SPACE anthology (downloadable on their homepage as a sweet pdf)
  • Gay Kid #2
Unsurprisingly, the longest and hardest one is that which I saved for last.  I don't want to get ahead of myself and start uploading pages from it here, so I will just leave you with a link to my Office Bitch page, which has been seeing a lot of traffic recently, and with the SPACE anthology piece: