Thursday, January 20, 2011

OMG I am like famous!

Ok, full disclosure: I was googling myself and found this link at boy culture about by letter to the NPG regarding the Hide/Seek controversy! whoo hoo!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This week in the New Gay

So, after all the soul searching after the series in The New Gay I talked about from last week, I tried to go in a totally different direction and do something a lot more timely and a little political, but not so much so that it's really that edgy. Here's the comic (and here's the original post):
The single comment I got on last week's OB was that it's not funny and hard to read. Well, I can't do much about it not being funny, but I can try to make it easier to read. This week I worked more on getting the letters bigger and clearer. Also, the current reference seemed to get pretty good feedback; so far I've gotten one comment and it's been good. I also like how this one looks with the coloring: I did the greys with an orange marker and just scanned it as b&w, and then edited it with the spray paint feature on paint (you know, no big deal, but sometimes I use paint) to get the colors more solid in the first panel on the bottom row, and also to make the hatch marks on the target clearer.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recent story line in Office Bitch: yea or nay?

So I recently did a three-part story line in by weekly strip Office Bitch. I'm not exactly sure how it turned out. I think that trying to make a weekly strip have a consistent storyline is HELLA hard. Trying to figure out the right amount of recap to give (I didn't give any cause thinking of how to fit it in one or two panels, or one chunk of text, was too overwhelming), if there needs to be something funny at the end (which I actually never really have at the end) and how fast to move the story along are a lot of extra balls to keep up in the air, on top of the regular layout/what the fuck are the people gonna say/what sort of shot should each panel be/UH WHAT'S THE STORYLINE ANYWAYS. Here are the links to the original postings. Oh hell, I'll just put 'em down here too:

I was feeling a little stagnant with Sarah just always bitching about her job, which may be in part due to the fact that I am pretty much over the shitty job I am still recovering from. But I'm also wondering whether I should try and shit away from the sort of dumb jokes about how much working 9 to 5 blows--not that it doesn't, boy it does--and into a more gay-oriented theme. The strip that got the most hits was my open letter to the director of the NPG after the unpleasantness there, which was not even a comic strip and way super political. In a total bit of self-promotion, check it out! I was on the news! Who knows, maybe that IS a direction that the audience at The New Gay is looking for.

But anyways, back to the concern about a serial in a weekly. Does anyone have any advice? Any input? I've only tried it once before and gave up after two strips cause it wasn't fun enough to keep going, and I hadn't really thought out the plot yet. This time I at least had some events and an end-point in mind. And next week I can do something about how quitting was super or how Sarah now is looking for jobs all the time. But I think that the weekly strip as stand-alone may be the best way to keep going. I have a lot of practice with that, as well as with longer form stuff (if a 16 page mini comic is to be considered "longer form"). And between those two, is there really a reason to try and work out how to do a few-weeks-run serial?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Suggestion Box #5, new pages

Work has been going really swimmingly on SBox#5. Here are two more finished pages of work:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New You, New Comics!

This blog has been horibly underutlized by myself. My new year's resolution: try to post just three times a month. This shouldn't be such a hard thing for me to do; I don't know why it has been in the past. So, here goes!