Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review of Gay Kid

Rob McMonigal, the comic aficionado behind Panel Patter recently reviewed Gay Kid. I think it's a really accurate review (except I would rather call my style "loose" or "casual" instead of "basic!"), and I'm glad to hear that Gay Kid is making an impression as a comic describing the times before you come out. One of the reasons that I wrote it is because that was the time that felt the most lonely. I mean, once I had a name for what was going on (Gay Kid #1) and had processed it (upcoming Gay Kids), I at least was not freaking out about what I was thinking.

A lot of gay comics (especially about being a gay youth) are focused on what happened after one comes out. But what happens before it is just as interesting. It's all about how kids make sense of the world. Like in the City Kids strip in Candy or Medicine Vol. 10, kids have crazy way of explaining things. Being gay is just one more thing you don't understand, that you try to understand by creating a story for it. I had a friend in college who thought that you fell asleep when ants came out of your ears and dropped bits of sand onto your eyelids until they became heavy (some funky interpretation of the "sandman"). Gay Kid will hopefully give some insight into this thought process.

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