Wednesday, March 17, 2010

COC: new installment

So I've left the "Seventeen" story line alone this past week, and have jumped ahead to high school. I got kind of sick of all this holy-shit-I'm-stuck-in-my-head for now, and have temporarily moved onto more action. I've done about 9 pages of this section of the coming out storyline, all of which is done without any interior monologue or narration. Doing it completely from the third-person has been a lot different than how it was to actually live this experience, which involved a LOT of back-thinking (why am I acting this way? what am I thinking? what is going on? who do I think I am?) and a lot of worry (what if she hates me? what if I hate myself? what if I am completely clueless and awkward?).

Here are three of these nine pages. I'm sorry if it's a bit hard to read the text in the images, but if you click on it you should get an enlarged version that should be clearer.

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