Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coming Out Comic: the beginnings

Things are kind of a mess here. I have spent this whole morning applying for jobs. This means that I have spent this morning updating my resume and debating whether "arranged" or "scheduled" is better (I came down on the side of "scheduled") when talking about giving tours ("giving" does not even enter into it). 

I also FINALLY bought myself some new pens earlier this week. Here is a picture of them, and how beautifully different each one is:

The brush one is a bit hard for me to work with, because I basically carve into any paper I work on and to make this one work well, you have to change the amount of pressure you put onto the pen. It will take me some more practice to make this a efficient tool, instead of just something that is really fun for doodling with. When it comes to actually drawing comics, I have a lot better luck using the straight-up pens, since I can anticipate exactly what the line will do and exactly what the end result will look like. If I want to make a thinner or thicker line, I can just use a different pen. I know what I will get if I use a .08 or a .01. The only problem is that sometimes the drawings can look like they were made in a doctor's office they're so sterile. The brush looks so freaking lively and quintessentially artistic. You could drawing a smiley face with it and it would look like some sort of fine art about the "human condition" or something similar.

Ok, this is definitely enough rambling for one day. Here is a first installment of some of the work I am doing on the coming out comic (hereafter to be referred to as the COC, which is pretty funny when said aloud about realizing one is a dyke.). Click on the image for a larger copy of it. Enjoy!


  1. Tell us more about this Seventeen magazine...

  2. Looking good! Man, can't wait to read it...and COC...nice, haha!

    I usually use the Micron pens, too...ranging from .01 to .05. I need to get some of the brush pens to try, though. I also need to get some thicker pens, cause all mine are out of ink now and I prefer those for most things...


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