Monday, November 16, 2009

Here's a picture, for practice uploading images (yes, I am that clueless when it comes to the internets).

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the District, so my roommate and I went down into Rock Creek Park. He studied Arabic and I drew. It was awesome. Usually my drawings aren't this sketchy, but sometimes this sort of practice can be fun. Also, I will avoid drawing trees like the plague, but it was made more forgivable by creating a whole compoistion out of it, instead of just drawing boring boring trees the whole time.

I'm not sure what it is about trees that are so freaking boring for me. I think it's just that there aren't enough straight lines to make it interesting and their perspective is hard to get across. Two-point perspective is such a fun thing to work with -- it's so simple once you have done it once you can do it again time and time again -- but it is so hard to figure out how to make some branches going forward, some going sideways, and others going back into the distance.


  1. yay! post some comics from high school!


  2. AMEN about lame trees! I'm totally with you on that.

  3. We'll be following in Pittsburgh!
    Kai, Diane, Josie & Ben!

  4. let's make a book together. i love your drawings.


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